Néstor Saiace began his artistic career in the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art, where he worked with renowned professor Lía Sirouyan, who introduced the Jaques Dalcroze method in Argentina and developed a discipline known as ‘musical rhythm’. There are no breaking points in Saiace’s work. He works around themes such as human figures, urban landscapes or social events – often it bears a strong drive towards celebration. There must be no doubt to this respect – are the ciphers which the human figures or the objects have bestowed upon the artists subjectivity, his images, thus suggested, are perpetually materializing and vanishing and would appear to mean that the human figures, the objects and scenes, share an imponderable moment, where they acquire their bright presence, which the artist captures, blending the actual light and another, unreal, to render his own version of the theme.


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